Why Zenger?

Content is king. Zenger delivers a daily news feed on a subscription basis – giving news outlets fresh, engaging content while helping independent reporters reach a wider world.

You’ll be in good company

The Miami Herald partner

For independent newsrooms

You run an independent newsroom staffed with dogged reporters and bold photographers. Zenger can help you reach a wider audience while earning you some additional revenue.

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Grow Your Revenue

Earn a revenue share on your articles that Zenger distributes. This is additional money for you with no additional work.

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Grow Your Audience

Expand your reach by joining Zenger’s network of independent newsrooms.

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Get Traffic

Zenger, which distributes to hundreds of U.S. news brands, links back to your site.

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Setup’s a Snap

You send Zenger your content via an RSS feed — and Zenger does the rest at no cost to you.

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Join the Crowd

Some independent newsrooms that distribute content through Zenger include Accuweather, Ballotpedia, Jewish News Service, Meta News, and more.